Full refurbishment of a building by the architect Francesc Mitjans, soon to become the first of its kind.

Ali vs Foreman

One of our first retail/ leisure projects has been completed and it’s ready to rumble.

Sun Salute!

We’re doing or best to truffle the city with this small, cozy meditation & yoga centers.

Charles’s Barn

Works are finally starting! Charles will need to find a new home for the coming months!

Notting Hill

A small house, with its own patio, inside a courtyard, with its only access point through another building. If the clients were Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, you would assume you’re in Notting Hill.

A full refurbishment of the house, with a very tight budget, but with very daring clients, will have a very surprising outcome.

Siamese buildings

Siamese buildings, we were first confronted by our clients to refurbish one of these industrial buildings into a residential building and an office keeping the industrial side of it as much as possible. We were very surprised when a few weeks later the next door building also ended up in our office with a very similar goal. Cant’ wait how this two Siamese get along!

Hostel Granada

In the most captivating city in Spain, we have been appointed to do the interior design for a hotel in an existing building. Overwhelmed by the history of its old town, we can wait to welcome our guests to Granada.