Mallorca’s most wanted secret

Can Ferrereta hotel is about to open, the rooms are already being set up, do not miss on this jewel!

Siamese buildings

Siamese buildings, we were first confronted by our clients to refurbish one of these industrial buildings into a residential building and an office keeping the industrial side of it as much as possible. We were very surprised when a few weeks later the next door building also ended up in our office with a very similar goal. Cant’ wait to see how this two Siamese get along!


Full refurbishment of a building by the architect Francesc Mitjans, soon to become the first of its kind.

Ali vs Foreman

One of our first retail/ leisure projects has been completed and it’s ready to rumble.

Sun Salute!

We’re doing or best to truffle the city with this small, cozy meditation & yoga centers.

Charles’s Barn

Works are finally starting! Charles will need to find a new home for the coming months!