Charles’s Barn

Works are finally starting! Charles will need to find a new home for the coming months!

XIX Century house

Works are finally coming to an end to the project of the full refurbishment of a XIX century single family home.

Notting Hill

A small house, with its own patio, inside a courtyard, with its only access point through another building. If the clients were Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, you would assume you’re in Notting Hill.

A full refurbishment of the house, with a very tight budget, but with very daring clients, will have a very surprising outcome.

Siamese buildings

Siamese buildings, we were first confronted by our clients to refurbish one of these industrial buildings into a residential building and an office keeping the industrial side of it as much as possible. We were very surprised when a few weeks later the next door building also ended up in our office with a very similar goal. Cant’ wait how this two Siamese get along!

The Poet

Full refurbishment of this unique apartment in the center of Barcelona for a young and highly creative business man willing to let us play around together. Ready for the outcome?

Hostel Granada

In the most captivating city in Spain, we have been appointed to do the interior design for a hotel in an existing building. Overwhelmed by the history of its old town, we can wait to welcome our guests to Granada.