Can Caralleu

Located at a hilltop near Barcelona this tiny (tiny might be an understatement) plot has one of the most breathtaking views overlooking the city.

In an area where gentrification is taking place but where you can still see the self-made houses full of ceramic tiles, the choice of material was clear from the beginning.

Current regulations left us with a house of no more than 35sqm per floor, where the south side had the views and the north side was subject to the scrutiny of the neighbors. We clearly had the idea of opening to the views as much as possible, but we also wanted the client to feel the house was much bigger than it is, increasing his sense of space, without compromising his privacy.

With all this in mind we came up with a ceramic tile façade that acts as a privacy filter, and alters its morphology depending on the interior use. The ceramic tile wraps the building providing shelter from the neighbors and at the same time hosts the structure that holds the house.

The south façade, cantilevers from the structure located within the ceramic tile. Allowing for the owner’s master bedroom to feel like a balcony overlooking the city.

The house orientation, twists as it goes up, always looking to frame the best views at every level, going from east on the GF, through SE on the first floor to S on the terrace.

Due to the size, and shape of the plot, all the usable space and overhangs have been taken into consideration, making room for the staircase, or increasing the area of the main bedroom.