Confronted with an unusual requirement by the property, to build within an apartment two separate areas that could work independently but will keep a certain connection. With two very different aesthetic approach.

The project starts from a black and white diagram where the goal is to concentrate all the services in the center of the apartment forming a cluster that provides comfort to all the adjacent areas, much like a living cell.

Once this scheme was reached there was a process of breaking the cluster allowing for some light to break through into the core, allowing for the kitchen to open up to the living room.

This central idea had to be carried through to the materials used, that is why the nucleus of the cell is cladded with oak wood, providing the service spaces with this warm womb feel, where you feel protected.

Materials and furniture have been selected to provide different kind of feelings and experiences, bathrooms have been cladded in large format pieces of porcelanic, allowing for an area of pure functional use to have character, and leave you with a  sense of calmness and joy.