Hotel Valencia

Interior design Project for a Youth Hostel of 54 rooms in C/Hernán Cortés, Valencia.

This project takes place in Valencia, within an old cinema building that has been abandoned for long time, we were expected to develop two uses, as a Hotel and as a Youth Hostel. Being that the site is found in the city centre and the building was being rebuilt completely new, the target guest was expected to be more of a business traveler.
All this considered, we first tried to bring up the main characteristics of the city itself and came up with three concepts: modern architecture, outdoors lifestyle and a touch of tradition in the ceramic industry. Therefore we knew, these would be three elements we would want to include in our design simultaneously combined with a subtle reference to traditional cinema.
Modern architecture will be reflected in the openness of the spaces, the use of modern concrete like materials and the minimal type interiors.
Outdoors lifestyle will be met by bringing attention into the garden at the back of the building and even bringing the outdoor vegetation inside, to attract people into the space.
The touch of tradition in the ceramics industry will be identified through the use of traditional type ceramic latticework surrounding walls and ceilings of the reception and even colorful green tiles used in the bar and room bathrooms and showers.
Moreover, we will be able to see subtle references to traditional cinema in the Hotel’s Signage, in the room corridors’ lighting and in all art decorations both in rooms and common areas.