Jambox by DIR

Boxing as now become a thing, the new fitness fever, when approached to design a new boxing dedicated gym, a concept that could be iterated to several other locations, the many common Boxing images assaulted us. Our client desires were different. They wished for their gym to be boxing, but also a social meeting point where the sport was no longer related to the dark, underground pictures but to the more cool, open yet committed athletes that are looking for a place to stay fit but above anything else, generate a sense of community.

The challenge was to find a layout and materials that could remind you of the traditional boxing gyms, helping to make the transition from the exterior, busy world into the “temple” with the ring being the crown jewel. Without letting the underground image draw back new potential users.

We decided to go with a more neutral space, lighting and color palette, that will be personalized by its users layer by layer, year after year. Defining their own community.