Passatge Batlló

When faced with the Passatge Batlló project, we encountered two main challenges. We needed a space as a lab/workshop where prototypes, models and samples would be built, showed, and stored, a space where creativity would be strongly encouraged, but we also required a space which would be simple, elegant, and sober where the technical drawings from the brainstormings that take place in the lab could be drawn. The result, two spaces that sit on opposite sides design wise but that define us as a studio. Spaces that engage the people on the design process both mentally and physically, setting up samples, building models or modifying the latest prototype.

The two central tables are placed purposely in a way that invite both visitors and locals to dip in on every project, being part of the process that starts as an idea in the lab, and ends as a full technical project ready to be built in the office space, where designs are, rationalized, optimized and fine-tuned.