Ricardo Villa

Full refurbishment of a private residence in C/Ricardo Villa, Barcelona.

Some people would say this is the consequence of a 60’s year old crisis, we call it good vibes. A retired men, moving from a 300 square meter traditional Catalan flat to a 85 square meter loft. Not exactly a loft but fulfilling similar expectations.
Our challenge? How to combine the openness of a loft with the warmth of tradition. With a blank canvas, completely diaphanous flat, we tried to enclose the minimum required spaces to get the spaciousness we were looking for. Sharing spaces for different uses, opening the kitchen to the living area, the bathroom to the room and even the main bedroom to the living space.
And once we had the main layout, we introduced our main character, natural oak, to bring it the warmth we needed. With a natural finish, no dyeing, no varnish, just matt oil on natural finish.
The result? Its modern, its warm, it brings contrasted materials together, it has the right scale for the right uses and it makes the owner feel as special as he wanted to.