This residential building, located at a prime location in Barcelona is like a little jewel, its architecture and previous appearance couldn’t be more unappealing. But both the developers and ourselves saw the opportunity to turn this small cozy building into a new Eden.

Although the previous looks and use weren’t very interesting they did drive us to the industrial look, bringing with it the most commonly used material around that period in Barcelona, giving the apartments its own charm and character.

The whole building organizes around a very compact core that has been moved from its original position, allowing for the building to use separately all the levels.

Openings and windows have been widened and broken up, again similar to what the industrial era mullions looked like, without compromising comfort, double glazed, soundproof glass.

There has been an extra effort to provide every floor with outdoor space, so you can experience, together with the finishes and materials the Mediterranean way of life.

This is a perfect example of how architecture + interior design together with the developer can provide not only houses, but also homes to the future buyers.