Surf & Yoga

The project arises from the matter that shapes the region where is located, land that offers selflessly its breathtaking views, proudly showing its inner battle between superb views to the hilly landscape and the views of the immensity of the ocean.

It is from this matter that a series of petrous elements emerge as lookouts of the deepest geology, that accommodate themselves to the vicissitudes of the terrain. Like cut out stones from a quarry that has now been abandoned or huts for the local peasants that not so long ago made a living out of this fields.

The goal of the project is to translate through its spaces Cantabria’s honesty, the simplicity and tenacity of its people. Their sense of belonging to their land its praiseworthy. That is why the project’s starting point couldn’t be other than whatever the land is willing to share with us, those materials that can be found close by.

The site is organized through a meandering path that serves two main purposes, helping on the way up, as traditional peasants did, and generate the small cabin groups, where depending on the terrain slope percentage the cabins will be selected from the three typologies designed.

The path is set as a mood changer for the guest, from the busy daily headaches, left by the side of the car, through a promenade truffled with small cabin groups and milestone trees, until you reach the most overwhelming tranquility at the very top, where only the small human traces of wooden platforms accompany you to contemplate the sunset or even a thunder storm, the most grueling natural spectacle where you can contemplate nature’s wrath on the ocean.

The constant contact with the terrain and the search for comfort, wakening human beings most primitive instincts, shapes the different openings and typologies.

On Typology A thought for the areas with the smallest slope percentage, the goal is to generate as much interior, exterior contact, where whenever the guest wishes you could not separate on from the other.

Typology B responds to everyone’s inner child dreams whom wishes to have a cabin overlooking the landscape, controlling the surroundings without being completely alienated from them, respectful dominance over nature.

Cabin C responds to those driven by adventure, to those whom wish to embrace nature in a more romantic and introspective way, as if you were sleeping on a tree branch, not concerned to whatever is happening down below.