Challenged by the owner to build a wooden house in a marvelous steep location, with a very peculiar way of living the house, we were pushed to organize the house in 3 box-like volumes that would reflect the way the client wanted to live.

Once the program was settled and the space was determined we were looking for the house to become a home, a space of retreat, a space for self-finding, long evening talks and great after dinner gin-tonics under the stars.

Mixing all of the wishes together was the real challenge. Finally, we solved the project by making a temple like home, floating above the terrain in a way that would make you feel that you are surrounded by nature but save from it.

It is fair to say that the project drinks from Studio Mumbai’s influence, the “dolce far niente” ideal and the Mediterranean vernacular solution to protect yourself from the burning sun.

The home itself has a mid-sized ground floor but the spanning concrete tray that holds the wooden structure expands all the spaces to nearly double its size. Generating a new definition of space which is neither interior nor exterior, “ixterior”.

There has been deep R&D in the office to come up with solutions that allowed us to be honest to the structural material used (CLT) and use it also as our finish material, having to develop special solutions for the MEP, stairs and cupboards, to maintain the material honesty that defines us.